Tatratea is a tea-based herbal liqueur, made by Karloff and originated in the High Tatra Mountains.








From Slovakia’s snowcapped High Tatra Mountain Range comes a spirited spin on the most traditional of beverages – tea. TATRATEA Original Tea Liqueurs unite the finest brewed black Assam tea with an undisclosed number of other hand-picked botanical ingredients in a unique fermentation process. The TATRATEA process begins with the careful selection of premium teas, herbs and other ingredients.

Each flavor of TATRATEA typically blends some 27 ingredients such as black or white tea, gentian, lemon balm, St. John’s wort, cinnamon and clove and others. After a long steeping process, the resulting tea and herbal base is blended with fruit extracts and distillates and allowed to mature further. Finally, the mixture is combined with the region’s justly famous smooth and balanced mountain spring water, along with a refined alcohol and inverted sugar concentrate. The mixture will again mature before a final filtration and bottling.

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