Power Trend®

NEWPowerTrend-LOGO! Our latest product portfolio partner. Power Trend. Solving “genuine problems” through clever technological applications and stunning industrial design!

Technology should be fun and Power Trend designs it that way.

From the very personal REGO® health tracker to the ShareFoil® personal digital assistant, Rego combined 1functionality and fun are interwoven in these great products. The ShareFoil combines file/photo sharing, hotspot building and repeating, power bank functionality and more in one palm-sized product.

ShareStick-pink_wUSB-SSDShareStick® is ready when you are. Create a wireless network for friends or colleagues. Share today’s photographic treasures. Charge up your phone! All in one beautiful product.

Turn your car, hi-fi system or any powered speaker or headphone into a wireless music machine with ShareWave®! Using wi-fi technology rather than Bluetooth, ShareWave will give you on the go music for hours with no interruptions and better fidelity.

We will be introducing Power Trend to a number of national retailer at the ECRM Consumer Electronics Event in Westminster, Colorado, March 13 – 16. If you are in attendance, make sure you book a “date” with us!

We are happy to introduce North America to Power Trend. Give is a call to set up a demonstration today! There are more products in the pipeline, so check back.

Learn more HERE.

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