Martian Watches

Smart watches are poised for unprecedented growth. As one could expect, we are especially elated to announce our new relationship. Based in passport-side-bsbIrvine, CA, Martian Watches have firmly established their position as a market leader in striking the balance between fashion and technology. With a quality build, a luxuriant, fashionable look and uniquely supporting iOS and Android technologies, Martian will keep you informed and in contact in the most unobtrusive fashion on the market today… or tomorrow.

Please join us in welcoming Martian Watches to the growing CMR product ecosystem!


Martian Watches creates design-forward smartwatches that are rich in technical features while offering fashionable styles for both men and women. Martian takes a contrarian view of the Smartwatch and works to add functionality that makes the classic watch a lot smarter, rather than putting a miniature mobile phone display on the wrist.
The company offers two series of smartwatches, the Martian Voice Command and the Martian Notifier product lines. BotHS-Jennifer-Passporth lines sport timeless analog watch designs that were developed first and foremost with style in mind while providing advanced functionality. When connected to your smartphone, these full-featured, Bluetooth smartwatches ensure you are connected and informed from the convenience of your wrist.
The Martian Voice Command line launched in the summer of 2012 as the world’s first voice command smartwatch. These feature-packed watches allow smartphone users to keep their phone in a pocket or purse and stay connected by voice from their wrist – making and receiving calls, using voice commands and receiving notifications directly through their watch. The Martian Voice Command line received significant recognition and won multiple awards, including being named a Best of CES 2013 Finalist for its unique functionality, design and voice technology.
At CES 2014, Martian debuted a new smartwatch line, Martian Notifier, which became the only “wearable tech” product to receive the prestigious “Editor’s Choice” award from USA Today and The stylish Martian Notifier line took smartwatch convenience to a new industry level, combining its unique “smart” notifications with a fashion timepiece at an affordable price point. The Martian Notifier line launched at major retailers worldwide in June 2014.


Martian Watches was founded in 2007 to deliver unique personal wireless communication solutions that reshape the way we stay connected to friends, family and the world. Martian designs and engineers its innovative products in Irvine, California with a team of talented and dedicated professionals who strive to improve the beauty, functionality and convenienceDirect Passport WSW of its unique products. The Martian engineering team has an extensive history in Bluetooth® development, having patented the world’s smallest system-on-chip solution for Bluetooth wireless systems.
Prior to launching its two lines of smartwatches, the Company successfully developed and marketed a new wireless technology platform under the brand SilverCare that led to its first product, the SilverCare Personal Safety Alert Device, a two-way voice communication watch. SilverCare won numerous awards for its innovative concept and design.


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