Lucka Water

Water means life. Clear spring water that comes from the Lucka LuckaLogospring, from the heart of Považský Inovec, is just that water of life, a light angelic caress. Lucka Spring Water has been taking loving care of the drinking regime of all age groups for more than 20 years.

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Water angel from nature’s bosom

Lucka Spring Water offers the healthiest solution of the drinking regime of babies, children, adults, and seniors with its unique composition, low sodium content, optimum level of calcium and magnesium but especially for its low mineralization (totapramenita_neperliva-kompletl of soluble substances only 379 mg/l).
Apart from the demanding criteria for spring waters, Lucka Spring Water complies with even stricter standards for waters suitable for preparing food for infants. On top of that, Lucka Spring Water still has, thanks to a higher level of acid carbonates, slightly alkaline pH 7.5 beneficial for the body that can help you in the battle against constant hyperacidity. Entrust your body to the caring hands of the Water Angel!

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