Cambridge Audio


Since 1968 Cambridge Audio has been driven by a simple belief; that music should always sound amazing.

Cambridge Audio is for people who really listen to music. Our original British-designed products are enjoyed the world over by people like you whcambridgeaudio_logoo share a love of music.

We have an envied reputation for innovation and every one of our engineers is fanatical in their pursuit of delivering an authentic and enjoyable experience. When you listen to a Cambridge Audio product you don’t just hear the difference, you feel it. We want everyone to experience that pleasure.

Cambridge Go Radio
Cambridge Go Radio. MSRP $199

CMR has been tasked with focussing on the highly competent and highly reviewed wireless product range. Here’s a bit more on this rapidly growing part of there product range.


Using the latest technology, this UK-based company’s wireless speakers allow you to instantly stream music from your phone, tablet or computer with effortless simplicity from the comfort of your sofa, desk, sun lounger or chair, all without having to get up to change the track.Cambridge 100

But don’t let their size fool you; all of Cambridge’s wireless speakers pack enough power to fill your room with deep, crisp and immersive quality. So whether it’s a portable speaker you need for taking to the park, or a sleek system for your living room or kitchen, look no further than our range of wireless speaker systems.

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