Milton Perez

MP_MavenProfile_v2Build an everlasting partnership today with someone who is proven to be dazzlingly skilled in any field. Milton is a visionary leader that possesses key qualities to achieve ambitious results:

Visionary – Has achieved excellence in creating a positive vision for the winning Vision future of every company he has been a part of. Through motivating and inspiring, he has successfully aligned teams and companies towards reaching the same goals.

Innovative – Identifies, values and views as a challenge the strength’s, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of every company. Champions necessary strategies that deliver immediate impact to the bottom line.

Relationship-driven – Coached and developed employees into highly effective leaders that exhibit model relationships in a very transparent communication approach. Built and cultivated strong foundations for empowering relationships with numerous clients and accounts.

Milton’s, persistence, conviction and unrelenting passion to drive results have always achieved distinctive brilliance in all aspects of retail execution. Every business has a vision; let Milton transform your business vision into reality.

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