Keith Lennartson

At the center of Keith’s career is the act of repeatedly, consistently taking complex technological messages and rendering them into useful communications. Communications that make products desirable, make them sell. Communications that make audiences understand the occasionalKL_MavenProfile_v11-2014 misunderstood company or product. Luxury products, audio, video and information technology have been the main markets in which he has enjoyed measurable, sustained success. This has earned Mr. Lennartson the position of Maven 2!  He is overjoyed about that.

Notable victories: Converting Bang & Olufsen’s marketing efforts into measurable, data-driven initiatives. Taking a start up cloud company to a successful acquisition. Team leader in B&O’s global corporate ID re-development and deployment. Closing multi-million dollar software deals. Establishing and maintaining profitable product placements at club and large-scale retailers, ie Costco, Walmart, Amazon, etc., in collaboration with Maven 1 (Bill Boyer).

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