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noun \ˈmā-vən\ : a person who knows a lot about a particular subject

What Club Maven Resources is all about…

The work, and the intended outcome desired, of Club Maven Resources is two-fold. One, it is to assemble and make available outstanding business resources, Mavens, to its client base to open the biggest doors of business and keep them open. To make sales channels available that heretofore were daunting. Secondly, to provide an avenue of expression and an oppoSlide1rtunity for income to our Mavens… outstanding, proven, earnest talent that deserves new challenges and new rewards for changing the face of business for the positive.

There are two ways you may find CMR compelling. One is if you want to grow your consumer goods business. The other is if you are an expert in your field looking for personal growth.

Reason #1: Business Growth…

All businesses must grow. If you are not growing, you are losing your position in the market. It’s just that simple.BizGrowth

Among one of the most lucrative channels for growth, to a lot of consumer products, are the large-scale retailers… big box stores, warehouse club-tailers, e-commerce companies, close-out stores and other mass merchants. Approached correctly, they can either contribute substantial growth to an established company, or put a great new idea on the map in short order.

The problem, and there is always a problem to solve, is that gaining entry to these alternative channels takes alternative skills. It’s probably not going to work to approach large-scale retail like you would your core channels. It is a long sales cycle with a considerably different relationship-building dynamic than you are accustomed. The logistics issues are way different. Your product could be very right, but your communication of the product may need to change radically.

Here’s where Club Maven Resources can help you succeed. We are a carefully assembled group of highly experienced, independent resources that work together to open these big doors to business. Better yet, we know how to keep them open, too, a point not often considered when mounting the challenge. Sales, packaging, marketing, technology, logistics… we have a Maven for every critical element in the value chain.

You, and your company, may find yourself in one of these scenarios, or more:

A – You are a veteran consumer goods business with global reach. Your traditional channels are old friends who have adopted your product years ago and are loyal to your company. You need growth through new, alternative channels and you know how to do it. Product in place, great packaging… You simply do not have the specialized sales resources required to close that appointment. Your team is busy with high priorities. You need CMR. We will build a sales program to pierce that armor and keep you viable.

B – You succeeded! You took that awesome opening order. It launched your business! Unfortunately, while the product was well accepted, some of the fringe mechanics in the relationship cooled the relationship. You don’t expect a re-order. You need CMR. We will assess best practices on everything from logistics to QC to presentation on the floor with a specialized Maven set.

C – You have toiled hard… took risks… invested your own money… but , as your reward, you have indeed developed the mousetrap to end all mousetraps. You have sunk cost and time into your brilliant invention but have no manufacturing, packaging, sales or communications infrastructure to carry the product forward. You rolled up your sleeves and knocked on some doors yourself. You can tell you product is on the right track, but you just can’t get that second meeting…. You need CMR. We can assemble a comprehensive team of Mavens to take your pride and joy and turn it into that opening order of your dreams.

Regardless of size, history or scope of challenge, CMR can build just the right team of Mavens to complement your current organization. Our mission is to fill in just where you need it and scale the team throughout the sales and maintenance cycles to match your needs and optimize cost effectiveness.

Reason #2: Personal Growth…

All people must grow. If you are not growing, your skill sets and idea engine are losing their lustre. From another perspective, and one that is not necessarily mutually exclusive, there is a personal opportunity at CMR. CMR is an alliance of Mavens, Subject Matter Experts, pooling their resources to deliver the right skill set to the right club member at the right time. We need Mavens like you. As referenced above, some of our Mavens are also our customers!

Mature, experienced, tried and true, CMR Mavens are able to leverage their skills across numerous projects… some in depth, some as casual advisors. We find this delivers just the right support for our customers while keeping the skills and instincts of the Maven sharp and fresh. Nothing will dull a business weapon like you more than being in the same harness for years and years. Your work as a Maven can inject freshness into your career. You, in turn, avail that energy to open doors for our clients. Win, win, win.

As a Maven practitioner, imagine this. Instead of being swept away by the tsunami of requirements and duties in a direct hire setting, you are able to wax up that surfboard and just ride the waves you choose. Hang ten, Maven, hang ten.

Additionally, if via a CMR client relationship, one of our own Mavens is “courted away” (hired by the client) we simply extract a “recruiter fee” (2 mos salary from the client, as stated in their contract).

Channel Management Consultation. Just what you need, just when you need it.