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Beatles to Bluetooth. Another British Invasion.

The Beatles to Bluetooth. Another British Invasion.
Another British Invasion. CMR places Cambridge Audio at Costco.

The Beatles to Bluetooth.

Just in time for the holidays, Club Maven Resources launches two models of Cambridge Audio bluetooth speakers at the best retailer on the planet. British audio veteran Cambridge Audio has been around since The Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Suffice it to say, the highly pedigreed audio competence of Cambridge, combined with its application
of more modern technology such is Bluetooth NFC (near-field communication) has resulted in a remarkable product. A remarkable product trying to succeed in a crowded field.cambridgeaudio_logo

Club Maven Resources had rather fancied their services would be a perfect fit for start ups looking to launch big by getting pallets of their greatest invention on the floors of Costco and other national chains. Turns out, veteran companies could use the same help. Cambridge was referred to Bill Boyer by another quality distributor citing his prowess in national retail.

Cambridge Audio G2. The Beatles to Bluetooth. Another British Invasion.
The highly portable, great sounding G2

There were challenges. Cambridge Audio had not interfaced with a retailer of this scale and scope. A great many practical issues needed to be addressed with the help of Mr. Boyer’s adept coaching and experience. Not the least of which, logistics. Who was going to ship the product? The remedy? Bill opened up another facet of Club Maven Resources that was not previously pondered. CMR Fulfillment. More on that in another article.

The result? Time will tell, but the early reaction to the product is strong. Orders have been pouring in already. The Cambridge bluetooth speakers have been placed and promoted just in the nick of time… The pivotal Thanksgiving weekend complete with its Black Friday and Cyber Monday opportunities. Retail heaven. The products, the GO and G2 are available on line to members only at this time. A good showing could mean club exposure! Wish us well, won’t you?

Cambridge GO. The Beatles to Bluetooth. Another British Invasion.
All about that bass? Step up to the GO!

Stay tuned… hopefully it will be a “reeally big shoe”… to paraphrase the late Mr. Sullivan.

Increase your chances to sell Costco by 300% for $5

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.45.55 AM
Increase your chances to sell Costco by 300% for $5

Increase your chances to sell Costco by 300% for $5. Sound good? It should…

Your product is right. You are ready. Your team is in place. You are prepared to scale. You have a great reputation in the industry. The market awaits.

How do you navigate the complex waters of national retail channels? As much of it as we dare give you is right here in the book. Sure. We would rather consult you directly. Maybe we will. But here is the primer to find out.

In this eBook lies the intel you need to prepare yourself for the sales cycle required to find your lucrative shelf space at the most powerful retail machines on the planet. Get there and get there on the right terms and it can change your company, and you, forever.

If it was easy, everyone would have done it by now. We’re here to help increase your chances to sell Costco. And others…


NEW! Lowepro pro photography accessories

If you have been a photography buff ever in your life, you probably know Lowepro. An icon in the pro camera circles, Greg Lowe lowepro_tto_stack_grey_black_2012-06designed the original products 47 years ago in Colorado as a labor of love and to fulfill his own requirements. For all of these 47 years, Lowepro is recognized as the best of the beSF-Event_IMG_0237st, and we are proud and humbled to take on the challenge of opening new markets for them.


Daymen is the umbrella organization that is managing the Lowepro brand. This introduces to the opportunity to work with you on a Daymen_logocrazy cool line of high quality tripods, as well!  JOBY revolutionized the camera accessories market in early 2006 with its GorillaPod line of flexible tripods and continues to redefine the consumer JobyLogoelectronics and photography markets with its GripTight, Camera Strap and GorillaTorch product lines.


Together, we can build creative bundling opportunities to support your pro photography accessories, DSLR, video, GoPro®, smartphone and other imaging enthusiasts. With a history of quality, innovation and attractive price points, whether you are in this category already, or see an unleveraged opportunityaction-tripod-csc, let’s set up a meeting to mine the possibilities. Send us an email to get into action!

NEW! JINX comes on board.

Did you catch that news item about Microsoft acquiring the Swedish gaming company, Minecraft, for 2.5 Billion (with a B) dollars? That one got past us, too.

Obviously, this market segment. The market for gaming accessories is huge, too. Therefore, we are delighted to announce we have just signed up a newJinxLogo client, JINX, that is the official Minecraft accessories supplier. Not to forget Warcraft, Halo and numerous other hot gaming product lines, to boot, of course.
This is a fantastic, high-margin, opportunity for oumc_menu_bannerr retail partners. We look forward to discussing this plus-business and how to leverage it to grow
YOUR sales now!

Don’t think about how this will enliven your 19th hole discussion at the club. If you have customers that are accompanied by young folks, think about quick, compulsive sales, and more peaceful drives back home for your shoppers…

4697p_3c_1m 4292p_28c_1m


creeperWhile NOT intended for Halloween, let us take this opportunity to remind you that it IS just around the corner…

Happy selling.

For more information on JINX, click HERE.

Life n Soul: Crazy, cool Bluetooth headphones, and more.

This is an incredibly exciting category. CMR is thrilled to have such a great product partner in this space!

Life n Soul is a lifestyle audio brand created for the purpose of sharing our passion for music through our quality Bluetooth headphones, speakers and earbuds.

Tired of listening to distorted sound, uneven bass, and wearing bland, black headphones, we decided we’d had enough and Life n Soul was born. Our Bluetooth audio products feature crisp and detailed, consistent sound to help you listen to your music the way the artist intended it to be heard. Our technology is truly innovative both in quality and design. We made the vow to stay current with the trends so that everything we offer is unique and sure to fit your style. Choosing between style or quality is a thing of the past..

Life n Soul: harmonizing innovative style with inspiring sound.