Beatles to Bluetooth. Another British Invasion.

The Beatles to Bluetooth. Another British Invasion.
Another British Invasion. CMR places Cambridge Audio at Costco.

The Beatles to Bluetooth.

Just in time for the holidays, Club Maven Resources launches two models of Cambridge Audio bluetooth speakers at the best retailer on the planet. British audio veteran Cambridge Audio has been around since The Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Suffice it to say, the highly pedigreed audio competence of Cambridge, combined with its application
of more modern technology such is Bluetooth NFC (near-field communication) has resulted in a remarkable product. A remarkable product trying to succeed in a crowded field.cambridgeaudio_logo

Club Maven Resources had rather fancied their services would be a perfect fit for start ups looking to launch big by getting pallets of their greatest invention on the floors of Costco and other national chains. Turns out, veteran companies could use the same help. Cambridge was referred to Bill Boyer by another quality distributor citing his prowess in national retail.

Cambridge Audio G2. The Beatles to Bluetooth. Another British Invasion.
The highly portable, great sounding G2

There were challenges. Cambridge Audio had not interfaced with a retailer of this scale and scope. A great many practical issues needed to be addressed with the help of Mr. Boyer’s adept coaching and experience. Not the least of which, logistics. Who was going to ship the product? The remedy? Bill opened up another facet of Club Maven Resources that was not previously pondered. CMR Fulfillment. More on that in another article.

The result? Time will tell, but the early reaction to the product is strong. Orders have been pouring in already. The Cambridge bluetooth speakers have been placed and promoted just in the nick of time… The pivotal Thanksgiving weekend complete with its Black Friday and Cyber Monday opportunities. Retail heaven. The products, the GO and G2 are available on line to members only at this time. A good showing could mean club exposure! Wish us well, won’t you?

Cambridge GO. The Beatles to Bluetooth. Another British Invasion.
All about that bass? Step up to the GO!

Stay tuned… hopefully it will be a “reeally big shoe”… to paraphrase the late Mr. Sullivan.

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