NEW! Lowepro pro photography accessories

If you have been a photography buff ever in your life, you probably know Lowepro. An icon in the pro camera circles, Greg Lowe lowepro_tto_stack_grey_black_2012-06designed the original products 47 years ago in Colorado as a labor of love and to fulfill his own requirements. For all of these 47 years, Lowepro is recognized as the best of the beSF-Event_IMG_0237st, and we are proud and humbled to take on the challenge of opening new markets for them.


Daymen is the umbrella organization that is managing the Lowepro brand. This introduces to the opportunity to work with you on a Daymen_logocrazy cool line of high quality tripods, as well!  JOBY revolutionized the camera accessories market in early 2006 with its GorillaPod line of flexible tripods and continues to redefine the consumer JobyLogoelectronics and photography markets with its GripTight, Camera Strap and GorillaTorch product lines.


Together, we can build creative bundling opportunities to support your pro photography accessories, DSLR, video, GoPro®, smartphone and other imaging enthusiasts. With a history of quality, innovation and attractive price points, whether you are in this category already, or see an unleveraged opportunityaction-tripod-csc, let’s set up a meeting to mine the possibilities. Send us an email to get into action!

NEW! JINX comes on board.

Did you catch that news item about Microsoft acquiring the Swedish gaming company, Minecraft, for 2.5 Billion (with a B) dollars? That one got past us, too.

Obviously, this market segment. The market for gaming accessories is huge, too. Therefore, we are delighted to announce we have just signed up a newJinxLogo client, JINX, that is the official Minecraft accessories supplier. Not to forget Warcraft, Halo and numerous other hot gaming product lines, to boot, of course.
This is a fantastic, high-margin, opportunity for oumc_menu_bannerr retail partners. We look forward to discussing this plus-business and how to leverage it to grow
YOUR sales now!

Don’t think about how this will enliven your 19th hole discussion at the club. If you have customers that are accompanied by young folks, think about quick, compulsive sales, and more peaceful drives back home for your shoppers…

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creeperWhile NOT intended for Halloween, let us take this opportunity to remind you that it IS just around the corner…

Happy selling.

For more information on JINX, click HERE.